Can you help identify the people in these paintings?

In 1939, the German forces thundered eastward across Poland in a Blitzkrieg (Lightning War), laying waste to everything in their path.  One of the buildings which was ravaged was the home of my grandparents, Antoni and Zofia Werner Dunin, at that time a young married couple living at Bogusławice, near Poznan.  They were both killed during the events of September 1939, though their three children (all under the age of 6) managed to survive through the assistance of other friends and relatives.

Much of my family's heritage was lost, but a few items have been recovered, and cherished within my family to this day.  Alas, the identification of the people in these paintings was lost with the chaos of the war.

I, and other members of our surviving family, would very much like to learn the names of the people in these paintings, so that we can pass this information about our mutual ancestors down to future generations. If you can help identify any details on these paintings, please let me know!  Even small bits of information may be helpful.

Thank you,

Elonka Dunin
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Granddaughter of Antoni and Zofia Dunin

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Unknown Dunin Ancestor Unknown Dunin Ancestor, with Labedz Crest Unknown Dunin Ancestor
Unknown Dunin Ancestor

Probably closely-related (husband/brother/son) to the woman in the blue gown

Suggested Possibilities:

Stanislaw Dunin (c1800), Antoni's great-grandfather

 Stanislaw Tadeusz Dunin (1831-1883), Antoni's grandfather

Unknown Dunin Ancestor (uncle?)

Rank: Unknown

Unit: Unknown

Notes: Crest in upper-lefthand corner is the Dunin "Labedz" (swan) crest, with a nine-point crown

Family stories say that this man was not a direct ancestor, but a brother of one.  And that he was closely-related to the people in the other two paintings

Unknown Dunin Ancestor

Suggested Possibilities:

Agnieszka Lipska Baranowska (1819-1890), Antoni's great-grandmother

Maria-Antonina Baranowska Dunin (1840-1880), Antoni's grandmother

  The Death of Stanislaw Dunin, by Wojciech_Kossak, 1922  
  The Death of Stanisław Dunin, 
by Wojciech Kossak, 1922

Stylized painting about the death in combat of Antoni's older brother Stanislaw
Original location: Boguslawice, Poland.  May have previously been at Granowko, Poland (the home of Stanislaw and Antoni's parents, Rodryg Dunin and Lucia Taczanowska Dunin)