(3/2006 note): This tutorial was originally written in 2000, and many of the links that it referred to, have succumbed to web rot. I have tried to keep the original flavor of the tutorial intact, but have had to change some of the links to either point to more current locations, or to archive.org mirrors. All links should work now. If I missed anything, please let me know. Thanks!

(10/2008 note): (sigh) Even more web rot. AOL shut down its webhosting on November 1, 2008. This tutorial was originally provided (in 2000) at members.aol.com/nova1337/tutorial.htm, but on October 29, 2008, was mirrored to elonka.com/mirrors/AOL/Nova1337/tutorial.htm . I have spot-checked many of the links, but if I missed anything, please contact me at elonka@aol.com and let me know. Thanks. :) Oh, and more info with my thoughts about the AOL changeover are at my blog.

PhreakNIC v3.0 Tutorial Index
My tutorial on how to solve it, posted to the projects@se2600.org* mailing list:

  • Other codes to try (updated 2/2/2002)
  • The fate of the old se2600 mailing lists

  • (page last updated: 10/30/2008)

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