Nope, this one doesn't go anywhere <grin>.
(and c'mon, you didn't *really* think it'd be like in the movie, did you?)

Just a few other interesting links here: - Awesome up-to-the-minute news/rumors/commentary site with a high-tech high-IQ focus, and often covers things that the "traditional" media doesn't get around to (or just plain doesn't get). Set this as your homepage! - Nashville hacker convention, Halloweenish - Homepage of the 2600 group for the southeastern U.S. (Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, etc.) - Phone Losers of America - The homepage of the national 2600 organization - Find out what the black hats are doing - Keeper of the se2600 contact list, check here to find everybody else's site. - A friend. One of the people out there in cyberspace-land that's worth knowing.
And a few of my favorite "humor" sites: 
Aluminum Foil Defector Beanies - A cost-effective way to combat mind control rays
Furniture Porn - Only for the open-minded about upholstery sexuality - The "true" (?) story of Britney Spears' secret life as a semi-conductor physicist, and one of my all-time favorite surreal websites.
Crypto Stuff:
The PhreakNIC Code - Unsolved from mid-1999 to August 2000, when I cracked it in 10 days
The PhreakNIC Code tutorial - The thread in where I explained (in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner) how I cracked it
Other codes to check out

(last updated, 11/21/2001)

Nope, there's nothing else to do here............................ yet.  :)