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Jeff G:

Subj:  [SE2600] PhreakNIC 3.0 code
Date: 09/07/2000 4:55:47 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Dark Fiend)

My masterpiece follows:

I like her giggle
When I swim between her legs
And her soft sweet smile

It is 3am
Screw you guys I'm going home
Sleep and dream of her

Was pretty tired when I wrote it. As if that was a
good excuse.


THE eye not just any old eye.


Subj:  [SE2600] <unknown>
Date: 09/14/2000 3:50:09 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Alan Ritzert)

Swim between her thighs.
Or on scorched earth, I may die.
So, I will not fry.

"I see they have the internet for computers now.." - Homer Simpson
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1730 Salina Dr.                   61607432
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Subj:  [SE2600] Phreaknic v3.0 code solution
Date: 09/16/2000 3:52:47 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Antimony)

For the sake of being different, I present my solution in the form of a
Petrarchian sonnet.

This poem is merely my solution to the PhreakNIC code. If you are under the
age of 18 or easily offended, please stop reading now. This poem does not
reflect my own personal gender and/or sexual identity.  It is, however,
written within the confines of guidelines that assumed a male writer -
pretty sexist if you ask me. Forward any complaints to

here goes:

Exploring the world of lesbian dreams
Or perhaps imagining I was man
Our toes sink shallowly into the sand
As we run out into the warm, dark sea

I cannot tell her what she means to me
Bowlegged as she is on solid land
And her sweet skin glistens so smooth and tan
In the water, she is Persephone

We dive beneath the water's dreadful fold
Pomegranate hair curls soft around mine
In Hades' underworld, my drowned voice begs
Amazed, in awe, that I can be so bold
I let our girlish bodies intertwine
My sweet salvation is between her legs


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