New Stuff

7/22/2003: Updated countries list with new totals for me (87), the United Nations (191), and the Century Club (317).  At, I'm posting crypto utilities I wrote in Flash ActionScript, such as a rot-13 encoder, and a single- and double-key vigenere table-builder, which works with both English and Cyrillic alphabets

6/23/2003: Extensively updated Elonka-at-a-glance page and moved it to the site. Old page can be referenced here. Other new stuff at Expanded Kryptos page, added link to my daily journal blog at Memestreams, added a page listing all of Sculptor Jim Sanborn's works that I could find, compiled and posted transcript of Sanborn's Cyrillic Projector encrypted sculpture, posted my new solution technique for part 3 of Kryptos, added a Simutronics history timeline, and added a directory with "Elonka Pics" over the years.

12/16/2002: Removed links to family tree pending some reorganization

11/22/2002: Fixed some broken links and moved pages around. Also mirrored some stuff that had gone offline elsewhere. Added links to my Newfoundland, Kryptos, and Steganography sites. Moved Elonka News page to my site instead of the AOL site. The old page can still be referenced here.

6/29/2002: Added Riverfront Times article to the Press page, updated At a glance page, posted the Official Solvers List for the Elonka Code v1.0, fixed some broken links in the tutorial.

5/16/2002: Rearranged the homepage a bit, and added links to my site, Aunt Magda's "Pons - Polish Lowland Sheepdogs" page, and the May 2002 interview.

3/15/2002: Removed my September 11th banner from the top of my homepage. It's been six months, so it was time for a change. If you're interested in what it said, check the source of the index page, since it's still in the HTML.

2/2/2002: Updated "other codes" page (among other things, posted my first semi-formal code). Also updated press, atlantacon winners and at-a-glance pages.

11/21/2001: Updated Atlantacon winners page (it's hidden, ya have to look for it) and the "other codes" page to point to the new PhreakNIC5 Code (yes I cracked it, in about 36 hours). Lots of pics are also going up on my new site. Updated Quick-Ref and News pages. Fixed some broken links to point to the new site.

9/30/2001: Posted update about my status since the WTC attacks, and a link to the Crisis Center page that has been keeping me busy for the last few weeks:

9/9/2001: Added a link to my cousin Ben Nabel's new webpage.  Updated gift list.  Updated my countries list now that I'm back from Asia (for a sneak peek at the pictures, check out my new in-development domain name at  Country totals went up by the following rulesets:  3 U.N. - Vietnam/Cambodia/China, 4 Dunin - U.N. + Macau,  5 CC - Dunin + Hainan Island).

6/22/2001: Posted new pics and updates to the at-a-glance page. Added an Other Codes page to the cryptography section. Reworked tutorial a bit and added an archive page since the se2600 archives are still unavailable. Updated the countries page to synch up with the Century Club's new list (they added East Timor). And check back soon for more updates, as I'm going to Indochina this Summer!

4/9/2001: Tweaked some typos on the @LANta.Con Code page, added a listing for it to the Quick-Ref page, tweaked Press page.

4/8/2001: Posted a baby pic of me (age approx. 18 months) that my mom sent. Also posted updated transcript of @LANta.con Code (yes, I cracked it at AtlantaCon, but wasn't eligible for any prizes since I cracked the last ones too!)

2/18/2001: Added a web counter to my homepage (as opposed to just the Antarctica and cryptography pages).  Added links to sites by various relatives (Dan Nabel, Anthony Ivancich).  Updated "at a glance" page.  Posted first version of new countries page.  Tweaked Press page with links to VegasCon pics, linked to St. Louis Unix Group newsletter, and fixed/updated some miscellaneous links.  Posted a pic of me playing with lasers on the homepage.

1/28/2001: Added a link to my mom's Cross Cultural Dance Resources site.  Added stuff to the tutorial pages since is still down.  Posted link to the new St. Louis Business Journal article on the Press page.

12/3/2000: Updated gift list, made minor tweaks to "at-a-glance", Pi, and Press pages.

10/28/2000: Cleaned up some formatting on the Tutorial pages, modified "at-a-glance" page, tweaked links on the Pi page, added information about the PhreakNIC Code to the Press page

9/2000: Added more stuff and tweaked formatting on Tutorial and jonnyX pages.  Added "Elonka-at-a-Glance" page.

8/29/2000: Added some more links to the Tutorial page.

8/27/2000: Added hit-counter to Code Tutorial page, tweaked some formatting

8/26/2000: Added a preliminary webcam page (it's sooper sekrit -- ask me for the link).  Posted the first part of the PhreakNIC Code Tutorial.

7/27/2000: On the Press page, added links to the Inc. 500 articles, such as the one by Nancy Austin.

7/23/2000: Created this "New stuff" page. Updated links to my cousin James Styx's new webpage. Modified the "Press" page with more links to SimuCon pictures, updated Dragon*Con section with links to audio of the tracks, plus links to interview and chat transcripts at Stratics. Posted some minor updates to the bio page

7/8/2000: Added info about DragonCon 2000 to the Press page, updated some links to the NASA and Planetary Society websites since they moved stuff around, added links to SimuCon pictures, posted first draft of my bio.

12/99: Posted Y2K advice and the "What to give Elonka for Xmas" page

9-10/99: Added "In the Press" page, updated Antarctica pages

3/99: Posted info and pictures of my Antarctica trip

1998: Created webpage, posted family tree info

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