This is a list of older updates to Elonka's Kryptos website

1/2/2004: Added link to transcript of 4/2/1991 World News Tonight interview with Jim Sanborn

12/30/2003: Added links to information in other languages: French and Russian

12/14/2003: Added link to new Kryptos FAQ, which also ties in to new pages with a recommended cryptography reading list, and a CIA Wish List of observations, measurements, and photographs of Kryptos that are being sought.

12/3/2003: Minor tweaks, fixed broken links, added link to Kryptos Pics page

11/4/2003: Added link to the Kryptos - The Bird's Eye View page

10/9/2003: Added links to articles about the cracking of the Cyrillic Projector Code

10/8/2003: Fixed transcript to add a missing "L" on the tableau side. Added link to Stormseeker's start at a 3-D model of Kryptos

10/7/2003: Added links to John Wilson's Kryptos page and Gerald Schwartz's poem

9/26/2003: Added link to the announcement about the cracking of the Cyrillic Projector code, added a timeline about the creation and solution of the Kryptos and Cyrillic Projector codes, rearranged a few other links.

9/22/2003: Added link to the Slashdot thread about the cracking of the Cyrillic Projector code. 15,000 unique visitors just so far this afternoon, whee!

9/9/2003: Added links to books by Sanborn's father: Image of America: Early Photography 1839-1900 and Modern Art Influences on Printing Design

9/2/2003: Rearranged some picture links, modified intro text at top, added link to the pic of Kryptos on the 'CIA Kids' page, added notations on which Kryptos transcripts are accurate

8/26/2003: Updated picture link to point to new location on CIA website, since they evidently moved stuff around.

8/12/2003: Fixed image alt tags, added link to David Wilson's Kryptos/Sanborn page, and some expanded info on the morse code sections

8/7/2003: Added link to Oxford University site with Howard Carter's November 26, 1922 journal entry

7/14/2003: Added link to my new Vigenere table-builder Flash utility

6/30/2003: More Slashdot links coming in, as part of a separate discussion about crypto

6/22/2003: Added another pic of Kryptos that David Wilson found. Thanks!

6/20/2003: Created new Sanborn webpage to list all of his artwork, and reduce clutter on the main Kryptos page

6/19/2003: Added links to pictures of other Sanborn sculptures, and reorganized the page since the link list is getting so long.

6/18/2003: Added transcript of the Cyrillic Projector

6/15/2003: Tweaked some info about the origin of the Cyrillic Projector. It was created in the early 90s, not in 1997 (Kryptos was installed in 1990).

6/4/2003: Randall Bollig has compiled a page with pictures of other Sanborn sculptures such as Adam Smith's Spinning Top and the Cyrillic Projector. The final page URL has yet to be decided, but the current temporary location is here

5/29/2003: Added a link to Jim Gillogly's pictures of Kryptos and the morse code segments - Thanks Jim, these are awesome! :)

5/25/2003: Added more links to Kryptos info around the web. Additional speculation about Part 3: The out-of-alignment "Y" "A" and "R" letters, being in the upper lefthand corner of that panel of the sculpture, may simply be an artistic reference to the translated code of that section, "...a tiny breach in the upper lefthand corner..."

5/24/2003: Added the (unsolved) ciphertext of part 4 to the page

5/23/2003: Fixed spelling of Doug Gwyn's name, and added several links, such as to solution files for Parts 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Kryptos discussion at yahoogroups.

4/1/2003: Added link to the Kryptos discussions at the sci.crypt newsgroup.

1/10/2003: Added info about sculptor Sanborn's Cyrillic Projector from the UNC page. Thanks to Bill Houck for the tip!

1/9/2003: Added a couple more pictures that I found around the web.

12/23/2002 Update: Added pictures of myself next to Kryptos. Photographs courtesy of the CIA Information Operations Center. Thanks!

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