The following documents were found in the James Sanborn folders in Box 7 of the Nancy Drysdale Art Gallery files in Washington DC.

On the left, is what appears to have been a classified document from KGB files, dated August 31, 1982, about a dissident's appeal for American help against the Soviet Union.

On the right, is an English translation of the same document.

The purpose of these documents is unclear, but they are being posted in case they may be of assistance in solving one of the codes on Jim Sanborn's sculptures such as Kryptos or The Cyrillic Projector.
1982 Cyrillic KGB DocumentEnglish translation of 1982 KGB document


September 12, 2003 Postscript: There is a possibility that this document is from a set of other KGB documents that were smuggled out of Russia in 1992 by a Soviet dissident. A PDF of the same document (but with slightly different markings so it appears to be a different copy) is here, and you can peruse a complete index of available Sakharov documents at that site in Russian or English.










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