The purpose of this web page is to have access to photos that Richard Nelson took in Cleveland on June 30, 2003, as well as information related to similar statues in the area.  Copyright Richard Nelson to these photos.


This is a picture of the Top itself standing inside the circular sculpture.  The inscription at the top of the top is repeated three times 'Metaphors spin easily from the mouths of economic philosophers.'This is a picture looking North again with a 105 mm lens.This is a picture of the sculpture looking directly North West toward the entrance of the Business School.  It was taken with a 35 mm lens.This is from the entrance of the school looking south.  The top is about 8.5 feet tall and the script is about 4 feet tall.
This is looking South West toward 18th street and the Law School. This is the same only a bit more detailed.  This picture was taken with a 28 mm lens.This is looking northeast toward the Law Library.This is looking north toward the front of the Business College.
This is a picture from within the sculpture.This is a shot from the three-story glass walkway over 18th street looking southwest.This is a picture looking North with a 28mm lens.  Notice the front of the Business college round windows are echoed in the sculpture in front of the college.This is a picture looking North west from across 18th street near Euclid.
This is at the corner of Euclid and 18th street showing the park location and more of the business college.This is the view you get of the Sanborn Sculpture as you enter the Law Library Rotunda.  It is composed of 7 panels on the north side (seen here).This is a view North of the 7 'Washington panels'. This is from the second floor looking down on them.  You will notice that each panel has the left side of each panel turned up like a page to be turned.This is a view from the second floor toward the ‘Antiquity Panels’ I will call them.  I use a 28mm lens to show the leafing of the panels in the foreground.This shows detail of the last two 'Washington Panels'.This shows a detail of the first 'Antiquity Panel'.

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-David Wilson