Vigenere Table Builder

This is a Flash utility to build single- or double-key Vigenere tables in English or Cyrillic. It is a work-in-process, so may well change from day to day, but for now it is functional with what it does so far, so I am making it public.

To test this utility, you may wish to generate the table that is on the Kryptos sculpture in Langley, Virginia, or the one on the Cyrillic Projector sculpture in Charlotte, North Carolina. I also have included here the keywords that are needed to actually solve parts 1 and 2 of the Kryptos sculpture's code.

Kryptos Table
Cyrillic Projector Table
Part 1 of Kryptos
Part 2 of Kryptos




  • Click on the purple "Generate line" button several times to build a Vigenere table with the existing keys
  • To generate a table with different keys, please type whichever key you want into the boxes
  • To create a single-key table, erase keyword2
  • To type in Cyrillic, click on the green "Generate Cyrillic Keyboard" button, and then you can click on the characters to build a word which you can copy/paste into the appropriate keyword box
  • You shouldn't need any special fonts on your computer to see the Cyrillic characters or generate the tables while using this utility online via the web. BUT, in order to copy/paste to your own system, you *will* need a Cyrillic font installed, otherwise pasting the text will probably just result in gibberish on your end. There are several fonts which will work fine (and several Cyrillic fonts which won't!). One font in particular that will work is ER Kurier KOI-8.


Known bugs/issues:

Please report any other problems to:


July 13, 2003